Friday, 18 June 2010

Stowage installed at Barnaby

Whereas previously the pieces were spread across 17 shops, they are now grouped together in a single venue. We have lost some of the site-specific links, but new connections and resonances have appeared.

The show is only viewable from the street, but we've included some interior shots here too. The work is in the main window area and on shelving behind, with The Grimm North's nasty surprise lurking in a shadowy corner just visible inside the door.

The Magnificient Morse Mints are wired up and ready to start talking to each other across the shop at night. The space is also illuminated by lights from work by Felicity Shillingford and Laurel Coxon. Megan Calver's little 'Aladdin's lamp', made of hi-vis material, glows day and night from the shop's dark interior.

The identification labels are from a children's spelling game and refer viewers to an information sheet posted in the window.

Installing Stowage in Macclesfield

All 21 pieces came to Macclesfield, some with slight adjustments to make them suitable for the new venue.

For insurance and safety reasons, we haven't been able to leave the shop open so haven't been able to make full use of the sweet-jar-sized shelves at the back. (Most work is simply too detailed to be viewed at that distance, so has been placed in the window area.) However, almost all of the shop interior is visible from the street, so we have spread work across the whole space.

In keeping with the spirit of Stowage in Exeter, we're fitting in with the shop as we find it and, as far as possible, improvising with what's to hand.