Monday, 29 June 2009

Retailers' FAQ

Stowage is a joint venture between independent traders in the West Quarter of Exeter City Centre and artists from around the UK. Found Space will loan you one or more artworks built in or around confectionery jars for display in your shop during April/May 2010.

Below are some frequently asked questions, but please feel free to contact us if there is anything else you need to know.


Who benefits?
This is a not-for-profit venture that aims to bring together independent traders and independent artists to promote their businesses and artworks in parallel.

Who chooses the work I display in my shop?
The artists and works included in the show will be chosen and allocated by Found Space.

What does it cost?
Participation is free to independent West Quarter traders. All artworks and display materials will be loaned free of charge and Found Space will fund all publicity.

What do I need to contribute?
To take part, you only need to offer us space in your shop and display the work for the duration of the show.

Am I guaranteed an artwork?
We will do our best to provide at least one artwork for every shop that agrees to take part, but this will depend on the availability of work and suitability of display spaces.

Can I keep or sell the work?
No, the work (including the jar) is on loan and remains the property of the artist.

Will I get paid?
No, this is not a commercial venture, but you will benefit from free publicity for your business.

What we do

Found Space is on the look-out for unconventional exhibition venues - and artists who want to show in them.

Venues could be empty shops, offices and warehouses, as well as private residences, community buildings, caravans, buses, outdoor spaces or temporary structures.

Work might be temporary, experimental, open ended, risky, live or otherwise difficult to show in traditional gallery spaces.

We are building a database of artists who are based in the three regions where shows will be based: the Southwest, Northwest and, Northeast. Found Space will select from the database to create shows, giving opportunities for artists to show their work more widely and to build new networks and connections.