Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Artist update

The following links are are for anyone wanting to find out more about the artists taking part in Stowage in April 2010. Let us know if you'd like to add a link.

Andrea Zapp (Manchester)
Ben Cook (Cornwall)
Bill Longshaw (Manchester)
Buff Lancaster-Thomas (Devon)
Chris Knight (Manchester)
Chrissie Morgan (Durham)
David Chatton Barker (Devon)
Felicity Shillingford (Devon)
Fiona Hamilton and Jane Lawrence (Somerset)
Gabrielle Hoad (Devon)
Hilary Jack (Manchester)
Isgard Bright-Roberts and Jeremy Haughty (Devon)
Janet Griffiths (Manchester)
Jill Randall (Yorkshire)
John Goodwin (Devon)
Kwong Lee (Manchester)
Laurel Coxon (Devon)
Maddy Pethick (Devon)
Megan Calver (Devon)
Scott Daniels and Ben Langworthy Devon)
Steven Paige (Cornwall)